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  Charlie Seiga is a successful internationally best selling True Crime author. Most crime writers have to resort to research for writing their narratives and have never been involved with real crime themselves. Whereas Charlie tells it the way it really
was, with no holds barred.

An amazing and incredible true
story of a childhood delinquent
and his young gang growing
up in the early 1950’s.

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He refuses to have ghost writers and tapes to assist him with his work: the work is all his own. He was born in 1940 in Huyton, Liverpool 14.

'In 1952. Quote in his own words: My life of crime really took off after I had a vicious street fight; I beat another kid by slitting his head wide open with a broken roof slate. He was the local hard-case bully. He and his gang used to way-lay me and two of my friends. My friends and I were all good little earners at that time, and because they couldn't make anything themselves, the hard case bully used to force us to hand over any gear that we had on us. It was like a sort of mugging that goes on today. He was bigger and older than me; aged fifteen. but I fronted him up and made a mess of him. That gained me the respect of all the local street kids, and I became a gang leader; I was just 12 years old!’

At the age of 14 and with his young villainous gang they commit crimes that would put a professional criminal to shame he becomes one of the richest teenagers in the city of Liverpool where they operated from.

This is when Charlie's violent life of crime began; turning him more and more into a young villain, but a villain with a difference. One who will grow to live by his code of honour. He hates women beaters and child molesters. His presence becomes a constant challenge to the lowlife that prey on those who cannot not defend themselves.

In 1957 aged 17 he mastered the art of safe blowing, which at the time was considered the pinnacle of excellence amongst the top criminal fraternity.

The 1960's and 70's police believed he was behind armed robberies on banks, wage snatches and other serious crimes, but they remained unable to convict him. He was the 'Houdini' of the criminal underworld.

In the 1980’s and 90’s crime had rapidly changed, the old school type gangster had almost disappeared. A new breed of criminal had emerged and the vast majority of these became ruthless in their activities. The gun became, and still is, the weapon of choice.

In 1998 he stood on trial for murder. He was accused of pumping three bullets into the head of one of these new breeds.

Quote from the trial judge: ‘It was a classic case of a contract killing.’ He was acquitted. No one has ever been convicted of the murder.

He became the longest reigning gangster in Great Britain; stretching from the 50s right up until the late 90’s. One of the most notorious faces in the criminal underworld; he retired from a life of crime a few years ago and still lives in Liverpool .

His books are selling strongly today, are still relevant to today's society and will never date.

The International

‘The police said i was a
contract killer but they
were wrong. I’m just a
man you shouldn't take
liberties with.’

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This is the true story of my fate at the hands of marauding kidnap and torture gangs...’

‘A chilling glimpse into Liverpool’s underworld’ Kate Kray

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Brutal, shocking and
relevant to today's society.

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